At Triumph furniture, we’ve been creating inspiring spaces for leading UK and international companies for 70 years. We manufacture functional corporate furniture that possesses enduring panache and style, works hard for you, and is strong enough to last a lifetime.

Triumph’s latest innovations complement our established ranges to offer a comprehensive, cost effective product portfolio.

Through our dealers, we offer receptions, workstations and meeting zones that enable collaboration. Break-out areas that relax and recharge your employees. Storage that maximises space and training facilities designed to support the modern worker.

Workspace is too costly to waste – let us work with you to meet your office needs within your budget and timescale.



Triumph has been a successful supplier into the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Framework;

  • Lot 1 – GPU Hub Programme
  • Lot 2 – Office Furniture
  • Lot 4 – Residential Furniture

From large projects, through to smaller top ups – Triumph’s dedicated teams specialise in health, education, defence and the wider public sector. Triumph creates aesthetic, functional and durable spaces at cost effective prices. Our five step project process ensures successful project completion;
  • The site survey
  • Initial planning and design (space planning)
  • Project management
  • Delivery and installation
  • After sale services
Triumph brings together an advanced manufacturing service for all workplace and specialist furniture that government departments need today.


Major universities, colleges and military barracks are among our customers for residential furniture, often supplied through national networks.

Triumph focuses on generating the best atmosphere for your living environment. Our extensive collection of products is robust and fit-for-purpose, including storage, wardrobes, beds, seating, tables and a full range of accessories. Our design encourages:
  • Health and motivation
  • High durability
  • Energised environments
  • Space efficiency
We offer a service built around your needs – our experience and expertise to provide bespoke product designs is second to none.


Triumph works closely with our dealers to meet specific needs of healthcare corporations including:

  • Durable furniture
  • Anti-bacterial/Hygienic vinyl and fabrics
  • DDA requirements
  • Cost effective products
  • Bespoke product designs
  • Anti-bacterial paints
Our products are manufactured to the highest standards in our factories conforming with ISO 9001 quality, ISO 14001 environment management systems.
Working with your local dealer, we support you at every stage of your project; from selecting furniture and designing the layout; to fast, efficient delivery and installation.


We have worked with the education sector for many years, supplying to schools, universities and colleges through the major national frameworks.

We understand the importance of creating the right learning environment and know every education establishment has unique requirements. Our product portfolio includes desks, seating, storage, tables, acoustics and a full range of accessories. Our focus is on:
  • Productive learning
  • Health
  • High durability
  • Space efficiency
  • Bespoke product designs
We offer a service built around your needs – furniture for education is one of our specialist subjects.