NEW Metrix Seating

New Metrix Modular modular seating.


Our design and production departments have been working hard to launch our exciting Flagship product – promoting; style, quality and durability. Metrix is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and a space-saving media booths.


If you’d like to learn more about Metrix or find out exactly how Triumph Furniture can help you create the perfect environment for your work-space please call us on 01685 352222 or email


NEW Phonic Acoustic Pods

Simultaneous phone calls, meetings and general background noise mean that open plan spaces can quickly become too noisy to concentrate. Triumph’s NEW Acoustic Phonic Pods tackle noise issues head on, using leading technology designed to deliver significant sound dampening improvements.


Our stylish Acoustic pods can be easily fitted into your environment to reduce reflective sound and reverberation - helping you increase productivity and privacy. With the added benefit of helping the environment as our Acoustic materials are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.


NEW Evolution Lockers

New Evolution lockers by Triumph - be inspired.


Designed specifically for the leisure sector, suitable for both wet and dry use. Recommended for sports centres, gyms, spas and the education environments.


Alternatively, explore Triumph’s complete locker range we specialise in cutting edge designs for every market at various price points with many lock and USB options.


NEW Height Adjustable Desks

Recent studies suggest that sit stand, height-adjustable desks have been shown to improve motivation, productivity and employee health.


Triumph’s extensive range of desks offer the best of both worlds – your staff can sit when they need to focus, and stand when they feel the need to stretch. The electronically-adjustable options, mean you can rapidly switch a desk from one level to another.


To complete the range we have recently launched the Metrix Dual height adjustable desk – the perfect solution for a flexible team working environment.


What is my ideal Sit Stand Desk height?
How tall are you?
The optimum height for your desk is:

NEW Metrix Dual Desks

Triumph’s newest development on height adjustable desks provides all the benefits and flexibility of a sit stand desk, in a back-to-back configuration.


As part of our Metrix range, the Metrix Dual embodies the strength, stability and clean lines that characterise Triumph’s Metrix furniture.


The electronic workstation is ideal for transferring the productivity and health improvements of a sit-stand desk into the wider workplace. A choice of accessories complement the desk design, and ensures that it will fit smoothly into your environment.