Furniture Repair and Refurbish

Triumph has the capability to repair, refurbish and recycle all types of furniture, including non-Triumph manufactured furniture. This includes desks, task seating, soft seating and storage. We have experience in returning redundant cupboards to us, repainting and replacing doors, before returning to the customer - as good as new!

We take pride in providing this service to our customers. Our prices are competitive, can help your company save money and highlight both yours and Triumph’s environmental commitment.

Furniture repair and refurbish involves our operatives putting old and existing items of furniture back through Triumph’s manufacturing processes.

Any components which don’t need replacing will be re-used, with old or broken components replaced. Any MFC waste which needs to be replaced will be used to heat our factories and reduce our energy consumption and waste to landfill. .

We have our own upholstery department and all seating can be reupholstered with new fabrics. Desk tops can be reshaped into different sizes, Steel storage can be re-sprayed in our paint plant and screens re-upholstered and cut to different sizes.